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Research, development, engineering and supply of waste water treatment plants and complete environmental solutions ENVIROTECH.

Environmental Consulting  

We will introduce you the latest technology in waste water and environmental management and new opportunities for innovative environmentallyfriendly and energy and cost effective solutions.


On your request we will prepare  SMART CITY solutions for wastewater treatment in different variants and subsequently prepare a complete project documentation.

Turn key solutions for waste water treatnment

In 25 years of existence we have delivered more than 2,000 domestic and municipal wastewater treatment plants of different sizes - from 4 P.E. (population equivalent) to a quarter of a million connected people. 


We are pleased to announce that we have the first implementation of a modern wastewater treatment plant in the Chinese ten-million-people metropolis of Ningbo (south of Shanghai).

At the Hontang 1000m3 / day WWTP, we made the technological design, project, production, technological delivery and carried out the installation in cooperation with the Chinese partners Renxi and PVT, who did the construction part according to our design.

Company Profile

Environment Commerce CZ, s.r.o.

25 years on world environmental markets

ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE Company focuses its activities on advanced water management technologies and complete ecological soulutions.

The basic starting point of company's development is to provide the most suitable turnkey solutions of water management problems by sophisticated, optimal and highly professional attitude.

ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE CZ has been involved in delivering waste water treatment plants on European and Middle East markets for more than 25 years and has completed more than 2000 waste water treatment projects worldwide.

Research, development, project planning and complex construction-technology deliveries of the new generation of integrated or combined waste water treatment plants harmonized with surroundings and the nature are main activities of the company.

LRQA ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

The company is managed by the team of professionals with many years of experience in the water management field and environmental engineering. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards for every level of company's management.

Thanks to effective management system we are able promptly respond to customer's enquiry, and submit even unconventional and innovative solutions of costumer's requirements.

We cooperate with a number of prominent suppliers and construction companies worldwide.


S velkou radostí oznamujeme, že společnost ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE CZ se stala národním vítězem EUROPEAN BUSINESS AWARDS 2015/2016!

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European Business Awards 2015/2016

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